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Yuppi Flu - A Song's A Song

searchin' for a place to sleep
through the forest out of the streets
cannot drink and cannot lie
peace's allaround
to a silent blinkin'bee i devote my energy
'cause life is in as disco's out
this is allabout
I peer
over the backwoods
dry eye
pine cones and flowers on my bed
i bet my soul is dancing
through the air
over the backwoods end
waitin' for your call
don't be sad
in my hands
nature spirit kissed
my forehead
birds have made their nest
whistle at their best
but a song's a song for all one's worth a song's a song
far away from the wasteground
let me hear some sweet sounds
jittery has left me
as the air calms down
to my branch of the family
i hope you'll rise from the apathy
'cause life is in and nothing's out
this is all about..

2007-08-18 14:15:40, Richie