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Wildecker Herzbuben - Hallo

I couldn't believe what I read when I got your letter.
Said you needed to take some time to work out your life... Yeah.
Well it's easy for you to just go out and do what you want any time youy please.
Don't expect me to wait if you need me too late.
You gonna have to come back on your knees.
A. Wotcha gonna do?
When it gets so lonely.
When you're down, you're so far away from home.
How's it gonna feel?
You know it won't get better.
Coz' you've made your bed so you can lie in it on your own.
Wotcha gonna. [End of A.]
I really ??? feeling a need to just change direction.
But I didn't know you were gonna walk away from me... Noo.
Now you're out on your own ??? you have left behind.
Now it's crazy to see coz' know where I be ??? find.
[Repeat A.]
??? don't be a fool ????? you got so much to loose.
And I really love you baby, don't you know that I do?
[Already sung lyrics.]

2007-08-18 14:05:06, Richie