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Streda 11. december 2019 | Meniny má Hilda, zajtra Otília › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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White Stripes, The - The Same Boy You've Always Known

you fell down of course
and then you got up of course
and started over
forgot my name of course
then you started to remember

pretty tough to think about
the beginning of december
pretty tough to think about
pretty tough to think about
yeah yeah
pretty tough to think about

you're looking down again
and then you look me over
we're laying down again
on a blanket in the clover

the same boy youve always known
well i guess i havent grown
the same boy youve always known
the same boy youve always known

think of what the past did
it could have lasted
so put it in your basket
i hope you know a strong man
who can lend you a hand
lowering my casket

i thought this is just today
and soon youd be returning
the coldest blue ocean water cannot stop
my heart and mind from burning

everyone who's in the know says
thats exactly how it goes
and if theres anything good about me
im the only one who knows

2007-08-18 14:01:53, Richie