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White Stripes, The - I Can Learn

I wish we,
were stuck up a tree.
Then we'd know,
it's nicer below.

I don't know any lullabys,
I don't know how to make you mine,
but I can learn.
In lonely days long ago,
I saw lovers put on a show,
well now it's my turn.

Drive you home,
and then wait by the phone,
for that call,
for a walk in the fall.

No harm will come of this,
one little midnight kiss.
It will not burn.
for many lonely days,
I feel like a throw away,
well now it's my turn.

Falling down,
is no longer around.
Feeling sun,
I'm no longer one.
well isn't this fun?

2007-08-18 14:01:46, Richie