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Wellwater Conspiracy - Van Vanishing

This feeling keeps rolling on
Makes me so tired to feel
The strength you've given me
Now lays beneath my feet
Collapse on a bed of nails
The sharpness reminds me
You're words so full of rage
Try to cut me down this way

Keeping a straight face
On a crooked plane
It's now I loose control
Wipes out all in all (?)
The layers begin to peal
Now seems so unreal
A showboating serpentine (??)
Reminds me
It's real
You're here
I love how you left it heal

So tired of rolling on
Got me searching
The path you lead me down
Van... van-ishing

It's real
You're here
I love how you left it heal

2007-08-18 13:59:05, Richie