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Wckr Spgt - Lost in Texas

Back at Tarla's camp
We made promises
To keep in touch
Feelings were hurt by her husband
Who hit Mr. Chilk
In the face with a bottle
Tarla said, "Oh Mr. Chilk! You are a mess.
My husband has been to the Mansion I guess.
He's always been nice, except for more recently.
One trip to that House can strip one of decency."
Mr. Chilk put his hand to his face on his head and said,
"If you don't lift the tissue my scabs will be dreadful."
And Tarla reached into her box full of virtue
and pulled out a Handful of colorful tissue.
"It's tissue to skin how I must lift it gently
for if I'm too hasty I might make a dent stay."
Oh tissue times two it's a difficult pod
Who shall decide on this delicate issue?

2007-08-18 13:56:41, Richie