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Victoria - Cry

Hold up a mr mr meena can I speak to you
How would like it if I did the same to you
With your bad ass boys
And your shit ass noise
And your car It don´t work, ha, who´s gonna take me home tonight, tonight... ...you keep promises me shit yeh
Wait up I didn´t finish what im saing to you you´ve never had anyone hurt up
But Im out of this dirt
Without a stain on my shirt
I wont put up with your shit
I have had my share of tears... yehehhhh..
We´ve had our share of years make taht two and boy it was with you yehehhhh

Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry
Cuz you did the same tonight
I cried every night
But you did not do me right
I didn´t know, what did me feel when you were leaving me
Oh yes you did...

Common you gotta lotta nerve to talk the way you do
I can imagine me going out with you
You plaing 50c
Not payin rent
i say here´s my 10c
You might as well just leaveyeh cuz you getting jack from me( you getting nothimn)
So put your pants on stop bragging out all alone
So please mr, mr meena I cant take your attitude
The way you brag to your friends put me out of tune
You got a lot of nerve
Talkin´ all that dirt
Gettin´ me hurt
Where is your respect for me..yehehhh
Or where you smoking weed...
Or where you smokinn´ weed yeh


bridge: wuhuu...
I changed my curls for you
I changed my smile for you
I did it all for you...
I aint gonna cry no more


2007-09-12 00:12:37, johny1