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Usher David - Trickster

smells on the air see there its crushing the final impression
the stains on the paper
where words fell like water unearth all the changes that never did
i think its beginning to freeze here
caught in the rage and the fire of things all the brightness that burns
im fumbling through like a child in dark when the nakedness comes i am
shocked by the color
the glorious weight of your skin
comes alive
and i never thought i wed make it back so soon
might be nice but i knew youd be your own destroyer
comes a time
and i always thought id make it up to you
here please forgive me how could we escape all the bitterness piled upon
held in the face of the things that i dont understand intellectualize
and over
this helplessness suits us its funny how quiet has slipped to our
and worn all our edges away you are watching breathing and bailing
wanting and warming and cautionsly waiting for some simple signal to
creep cross your conscience
uncover redemption and oh did i mention i carried you down to the
st lawrence river
the banks running dirty the waters begin to freeze here
solid by morning and ill freeze here
winter by moring
comes a lie
and i never thought youd get me back so soon
might be nice but its only if my own destroyer
comes alive
and i always knew id make it up to you
i saw on your face such a curious grin as i let go your hand i was
desperate to hold you again
but your sinking to deep in the water outsmarted myself and so easily
gave up what i wanted
solid by morning
what i wanted
be winter by morning
comes alive
and i never thought youd make it up so soon
might be nice but i always knew your my destroyer
comes a time
and i always knew id make it up to you

2007-08-18 13:37:46, Richie