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Usher David - Jesus Was My Girl

what if i were you and you were me
still cant see the forest fire beyond the tres
now im standing in a field of green the colors burning far as i can see
what do you see
on my tongue the galaxies so small
here ill drink it down and watch the world dissolve
now im pouring through the universe and slipping through the endless
stream of time
what would you find
and im flying floating on the wind again
hoping it will drag me in
cant you see im laughing laughing at the consequence
laughing at this circumstance
dont you know by now
stare at all the faces they go by
faster that we live the more we die
now im crashing through the open door and smiling
in the most peculiar way
what would you say
and im falling faster than a waterfall
opened up and after all
cant you see im drowning right here in the open air
wishing i could still go clear
dont you know by now
this is what we are
flying floating on the wind again
wishing that youd drag me in
cant you see im hoping wishing i could see myself
wishing i was someone else
but dont you know by now
dont you know by now
this is what we are

2007-08-18 13:37:45, Richie