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Pondelok 18. február 2019 | Meniny má Jaromír, zajtra Vlasta › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Used Cars - My Arms Are Weak

(S. Dentone)
Co-arranged with Big Boss Band

Well I wanna be in Nashville
In the home of white culture
In the home of country

Well I wanna be in Chicago
In a little sweet home
I wanna sing with black men

Well I want to get rolled
In the land of rock

Well I wanna be in New Orleans
On the banks of Mississippi
In the home of jazz

Well I wanna be in 'Bama
In the heart of Dixie
Singin' with the Swampers


Tomorrow mornin' I'll leave my home
With my guitar and my shitkickers on
Yeah you won't make me change my mind
And I won't sleep 'cause I'll be waiting for tomorrow to come
The time has come, I feel strong enough
To face the troubles and whatever will come
I made my choice and to hell I'll go
Breakin' its doors singin' out some rock and roll

Well I wanna be in Memphis
In the home of blues
At the home of Elvis
Through the Gate of Music
On the Grace Boulevard
In the cradle of the rhythm
Where my music was born

2007-08-18 13:37:19, Richie