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Unknown - At the Boarding House

(GCCG) C - - - / F G C - : / /
My father was the keeper of the asteroid light
And he slept with a Martian one fine night
From this union there came three,
Two were mutes and the other was me.
G G / G C
Yo ho ho the jets run free
Oh for the life at the speed of c
One night as we were sailing the blue
And singing the well known spaceman's tune
A voice came echoing out of the void
And there sat my mother on her asteroid.
What has become of my children three
My mother then she asked of me
One is on exhibit in a zoo on Venus
The other keeps a telepathic link between us
Then the deuterons flashed in her hydrogen hair
And I looked again and my mother wasn't there
But she telepathed angrily out of the night
To Hell with the keeper of the asteroid light.
Note: See EDDYSTON etc.
From the singing of Bill Day
see also EDDYSTON
filename[ ASTERLT
play.exe EDDYSTON

2007-08-18 13:34:29, Richie