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Unknown - Air Force 801

Mine eyes have seen the days of men who ruled the fighting sky
With hearts that laughed at death and lived for nothing but to fly
But now those hearts are grounded and those days are long gone by
The force is shot to hell!
cho: Glory . . . flying regulations
Have them read at every station
Crucify the man who breaks one
The force is shot to hell!
My bones have felt their pounding throb. a hundred thousand strong
A mighty airborne legion sent to right the deadly wrong
But now it's only memory, it only lives in song
The force ls shot to hell!
I have seen them in their T-bolts when their eyes were dancing flame
I've seen their screaming power dives that blasted Goering's name
But now they fly like sissies and they hang their heads in shame
Their spirit's shot to hell!
They flew B-26's through a living hell of flak
And bloody, dying pilots gave their lives to bring them back
But now they all play ping pong in the operations shack
Their technique's gone to hell!
Yes, the lordly Flying Fortress and the Liberator too
Once wrote the doom of Germany with contrails in the blue
But now the skies are empty and our planes are wet with dew
And we can't fly for hell!
One day l buzzed an airfield with another happy chap
We flew a hot formation with his wingtip in my lap
But there's a new directive and we'll have no more of THAT!
Or you both will burn in Hell!
Hap Arnold built a fighting team that sang a fighting song
About the wild blue yonder in the days when men were strong
But now we're closely supervised for fear we may do wrong
The force is shot to hell!
final cho: Glory! No more regulations!
Rip them down at every station!
Ground the guy that tries to make one!
From There I Was...Flat On My Back, Bob Stevens
tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic
filename[ AIRREGS
play.exe JOHNBRWN

2007-08-18 13:34:20, Richie