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Unhinged - Nirvana

you call me insignificant call me down to the lowest
look at me as little speck undeserving of any respect
but what about you? what makes you better than me?
your opinion's not fact
yer not God despite what you think
can't stand the site of your face
attitude, mind full of hate
so small, such a waste
why don't you get off of my case?
but what about me? i'm in control of my self
won't sink to your level man
i'm not the one who needs help

but who's to say? which one of us holds the truth
i may think you're a fuck
but i don't have the right to judge, and neither do you
so, punk, who are you to say
that shit about me, who made you judge anyway?

2007-08-18 13:33:51, Richie