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Uk Mission - Let Sleeping Dogs Die

There's the crime of passion
and the crime of revenge
but the worst crime of all
is the crime of regret
speak of the devil
and the devil may speak of you
why can't we
let sleeping dogs die

Deep, it cuts deep
and the affectionate prose
and heaven only knows
what your words are worth
and the giving birth
to the giving ground of judgment
and by fact of reason you accuse of treason
and claim betrayal to the Holy Ghost
of the sacred past
that's fading fast and forever

You took my hand
and turned it over
why can't we let sleeping dogs die
no devil so dark
as the devil I know
there's no love lost
and no reason why

Talk, of faith you talk
but you were the one intent on stun
you took my glory and pride
sanctity defied
and you never knew
what the gods could bring
and by playing the game
of whose to blame
it gets harder all the time
to put my trust in you
so reverence please
let sleeping dogs die

Let sleeping dogs die
Let sleeping dogs die.

2007-08-18 13:31:09, Richie