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Tsatthoggua - Niemals Geboren

At the moment of fulfilment
I feel this glorifying touch
The sense of immortality
Fills my brain in lust
No world can share my
Endless hope for honour
I see worlds which never lived
And die in feelings of disgrace

Time stands still and never starts again
Human desires feed my will to love
No world can harm the moment I explode
Famale ecstasy means chow for my fate

Intrude Into Immortality

Longing for my pleasure, as perverted in may be
My only knowledge of fulfillment, fear and ecstasy
Fear of death and what will be
I love Satan and his endless immortality

The covenant I signed in blood
Was given to my soul in the name of birth
I spit on lying personality in our fake of world
I will never die but live on in my ecstasy

Intrude Into Immortality

The only madness in a human's life
What I saw and what the women felt
Thank you ever for to live my life
Due to Satan's gift listen to immortal bells

Fuck Off suseJ tsirhC

2007-08-18 13:20:21, Richie