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Pondelok 18. január 2021 | Meniny má Bohdana, zajtra Drahomíra › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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TQ - Westside

Talk: I don't believe this shit here man
Y'all niggas is fucked up word up
It's aight though Imma get to the bottom of this shit
Check it

L.: Yo what the fuck is
I go uptown to collect these checks
Come back to find my man body in blood shit stretched
Across the pavement
I know one of y'all know some information
So Imma get down to the bottom of this whole situation
Who shot the LR? Was it you Rock?
Rock: Don't look at me, Oc!
I don't believe you think I
Shoot niggas on my team
We grew up on the same block
Set up weed spots together
Stacked a good amount of cheddar
Cracked a few brews, so never would I do that to my reverend
This crime, nobody witnessed?
L.: Rock, my only lead is this photo if him kissin this mistress
That I found at the scene
Rock: Hold up, she used to live around my way
Yo, shit is fucked up
I think I need a drink, pass the Cavasiaa
L.: Aight, I hear you kid
But if you didn't, nigga who did?
This bullshit, I ain't buyin it
Mr. Lee?
Mr. Lee: Don't even try it son
My life is private
I handles my B-I, then I'm slidin
Fuck it if it ain't about some real estate and what I'm drivin
Get the picture?
No time to get caught in the mixture
Plus I was winnin with the
LR in a joint venture
I know you feel that
Money's the motive nigga
But I'm coming out of fiscal year with my
Number seven figures

Chorus: Well, Goddamn that niggas layin up in ICU
Shot the fuck up and nobody got a clue
That's some bullshit for real
Son was set up and yall won't say who
Somebody knows and yo, I think I got a clue

L.: So niggas what's the deal yall
Somebody squeal or Imma fuck around and kill all
That fall just for frontin
Cuz somebody know sumthin
Yo, Tray, I think it's you
You never showed love for my brother son
I should pop that ass now you pretty motherfucker
Tray: Aight, you right, shit is true, I never really liked that nigga but
Despite my personal views I'd never snipe the nigga
Fuck a oozy
When I'm layin in Jacuzzis
Sippin on Don P, slayin a don piece
Chillin, makin movies which reminds me
Sis in the picture, I used to hit that
But, correct me if I'm wrong, I coulda sworn I seen you wit that
Plus, yall never got along and you accuse me, wait a second yo
My question is what's wit the leather gloves and why you sweatin?
L.: What, are you suggestin
That I put one in my flesh and
Tray: Coulda been done
Rock: Yeah, civil of the good son when the good one almost caught it
L.: Yo, Rock, don't even take it further
Cuz you was the last nigga wit him
Huh, did you attempt the murder?
Y'all was supposed to come together
Rock: Right, and we was on the way but then son had to make a run
Hold up dog, what are you sayin?
L.: That you're to blame, the last to arrive, the rest of us was early
Mr. Lee: Aight so just what time did you get here
L.: What, about 7, 7:30?
Mr. Lee: Fuck that you left for a second nigga
L.: Nigga you know what, niggas is funny
Rock, that nigga drank your liquor
Mr. Lee, he owes you money
But yall look at me like I'm guilty
I find that hard believin
When my case and point is I'm the only one without a reason


L.: Check it out, we all agree that he was the nicest MC
All: True dat, for real, aight
Mr. Lee: But, L., you looked at him wit envy
L.: Yo that's my brother, not me
I beg to differ
Mr. Lee: Aight then let's get back to this picture
L.: Yo what about it
Mr. Lee: Niggas know you used to dig her
L.: She got a fat ass but I doubt it
Tray: Oh yeah she got a fat ass
Mr. Lee: You, hold up Tray, he's kill

2007-08-18 12:04:10, Richie