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TQ - Paradise

Yeah yeah
This is a story
A modern day ghetto tragedy
About the other side of the game
Shit backfired
Feel me?
Sometimes that's just the way it happens
So listen closely
Might learn somethin'
Check it out

I'm just sittin' smokin' weed and lookin' at some old pictures
From moms house of when I was a young boy
When I was a young boy (yeah)
And the first one that I see is of me & Melinda
on the roof, throwin' gang signs
The kind of homie that you don't find
But she always kept things on her mind

She never was my baby
We had a crush when we was younger
We used to hump & that was it - no bullshit
She was 11, I was 10
But she meant more to me than any woman since

1 - Remember Melinda
I used to stay across the street from her
She coulda been a supermodel
Don't remember doin' shit without her
I often think about her
Remember Melinda
Never really found her way home
But I loved her like my sister
Dear Lord I really miss her
Long as I live (one wish) I'll always...
Remember Melinda

She always had a lot of drama
Watchin' daddy drunk, beatin' on momma
She used to stuff grams in her bra for my nigga Rob
Twistin' niggas was her job - Married to the mob
I used to take her on runs wit me
She sit in my passenger seat and count the funds wit me
It's my fault
I introduced her to the game - found out she couldn't hang
And it's ashame - that I remember (Remember)
When she started actin' crazily
Was the first day she brought a little yay to me (to me)
Let's get some yak because you made now
The first late - is 'bout to get paid now
(But wait) You gotta tell me, what the deal?
Why ain't ya happy?
There's somethin wrong & that's real
An open package
And that's when I finally realized
Melinda gettin' high off of my supply

(Repeat 1)

And no, I'll never forget that night
Her nose started bleeding, her eyes turned white
And I can't get it outta my mind
I'm tellin' you I still remember, yes I remember
12:30 on the dot, here come the doc
The news he bringin' me, I'm shocked
Another victim
I done made myself a killin'
All for the love of drug dealin'

(Repeat 1 - 3X)

Remember Melinda
I'm sorry Melinda

2007-08-18 12:04:08, Richie