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Pondelok 18. január 2021 | Meniny má Bohdana, zajtra Drahomíra › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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TQ - Get Paid

Yeah, from the bottom
For the depths, for the bottom
We come from there, but we still here
We still breath, so long as we got air in these lungs
We gonna get something, no matter how, no matter what

Verse 1 by Young Noble
Yo, my whole block family, we all argue and fight
But if you not family, keep talkin’ aiight?
Will you get them Nikes? Oh you like them yeah?
They look good on me, you wanna cop a pair
Though it takes some time, we still love everybody
Them like my thug sisters, so I'm fuckin’ every mommy
Everybody know my face, everybody know my name
As I walk through I heard em sayin’ "Noble do his thing"
I'm flowin’ through this game like I'm slidin’ on ice
Brought these niggas insane like I'm slidin’ in dice
Applyin’ the wife, but ain't nobody dyin’ tonight
We fryin’ the rice, dinner on the steps tonight
I bet your life I just might stretch your wife
Stretch your dime, stretch your doe, and stretch your time
It might sound short, then I'll stretch the rhyme
Nothin’ but another day, know I ain't gonna lie

Chorus by TQ
I still remember when a nigga didn't have a thang
Curb surfin’ on the corner each and every day (every day)
For all the people

2007-08-18 12:04:15, Richie