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Tism - The Parable of Glenn Mcgraths Haircut

The guy who slagged the football team -
Those yobs were not for him
Turns into a real estate agent
Who believes in discipline;
That guy who's the first to use cocaine,
The wild boy breaking free,
Ends up in a court of law
As a prosecuting QC;
Remember the school captain? -
Success was a matter of time;
I can hear her now as she screams,
'Greg! You missed the stop sign!'
Forget Snoop Doggy Dogg
Forget ol' Ice T
The true word out on the street
Is produced by the TAC
What good's the use of striving?
As life's road in front unravels
We get to do the driving
But don't choose the direction we travel.
Do your homework, or wag for weeks
And graffiti the Dandenong line;
It don't matter when you hear that scream:
'Greg! You missed the stop sign!'
Some time in the next hundred thousand years
A comet's gonna wipe out all trace of Man -
I'm banking on it coming before
My end of year exam.
The rich kid becomes a junkie
The poor kid an advertiser
What a tragic waste of potential -
Being a junkie's not so good either.
Your folks struggled hard for what you've got,
You are the fruit of their vine;
But who cares what you sow when what you reap
Is: 'Greg! You missed the stop sign!'
Bought a car just the other day
Man could that baby run
But you know what they always say:
There's always a better one.
Got a tumour in my brain
Its creeping to my lungs
And I've searched around in vain
Can't find me a better one.
Hardwired into everyone's head
Is the person they're gonna be
Growing up ain't a matter of choice
It's a matter of wait and see.
And so kids, yeah, you can do it!
You can do your best
Girls can do anything
You can pass the test
I'm OK, you're OK, We're all right, we're fine
I thought I saw a semi-trailer
Greg! You missed the stop sign!

2007-08-18 13:05:42, Richie