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Tilt - Unlucky Lounge

This ground is too hard to break, it ruined a pick and spade, frozen and =
solid as rock, my hands numb with the shock! I am prepared for the dirty =
work, I've groveled for years in the bloody dirt, I have all the tools =
that I need, and now I admit my defeat! What will it take to cleave this =
earth? Break this ground, it's got to break! What will it take to cleave =
this earth? I cannot wait 'til spring. My cargo is still half alive, =
they twine 'round eachother and cry, they beg me to finish the task, =
will I inter them at last? I glare at the place I'd make a grave, I =
carry the shame it would contain, thinking cannot rend a hole, too tired =
to stave off the cold.
Submitted by: Mel

2007-08-18 13:03:01, Richie