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Štvrtok 12. december 2019 | Meniny má Otília, zajtra Lucia › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Third World - Inna Time Like This

By K. Michael Cooper

Now I would like to introduce to you
Professor Makashanti
International Professor of Dubology, Dub,
Reasoning on a rhythm
Music for the 8O's, 90's, thousands
Internationally, Universally, Extra Cosmic
Sounds of the new sensation
Covering the Territory Universally
What I'm talking about is
Everyday Movements, Everyday Movements
Everyday Movements on top of the dub
Dig it ... hear me now

(Chorus "A")

In a time like this
Some positive changes got to come your way
Some positive changes got to come

(Chorus "B")
Who gone before who go already
That your inspiration to carry on

(Chorus "A")

Without apology we no need astrology
Our future is beyond the stars
Take an upfront position make a point-blank
Don't just run away to Venus and Mors
Every day I hear my people complain
'Bout living in a strange land
But them all hide behind illusion
When it comes a time to take a stand

(Chorus "A" - repeat twice)
(Guitar Solo)
(Chorus "B" -repeat twice)
(Chorus "A" -repeat twice)

Check out today how it used to be
Then you look forward on your plans
Take an upfront position
Make a point-blank decision
Our destiny is in JAH bonds

Every time one drop
A thousand more shall rise
Who looking on with scorn today
Tomorrow looking with surprise

(Chorus "A" - repeat three times)

2007-08-18 12:59:11, Richie