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Thicke - Brand New Jones

See Some like to keep heat on
Some never hot enough
See i sleep with nothin' on
Cause i'm always burning up
But We all wanna try to see each others side
And i'll try
Till she takes my pillow
Ooh she'll say i'm lucky
Then say i'm the man
We'll talk on for hours
As long as i understand
I'd go on without it
But everyday ain't the same
I feel like a puppy when i get time to play
I got a brand new jones
And nobody even knows
When my baby is gone
It's my thang, my thang
Sometimes i can't let go
So i've got to be alone
When my baby is gone
It's my thang and my thang alone
Some like a sweet romance
Some wanna travel far
See I like a three point stance
And i hate to drive my car
But i'd go round the world
Just to please my girl
But i'll fly
If she takes my pillow
So why dont i just save time and reveal
Cause sooner or later she'll know the deal
And she'll wonder why
The bed jumps so high
When she sleeps at night

2007-08-18 12:58:04, Richie