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The Renaissance - ONE DAY

One day we took a walk beside the river
You, you threw a stone into the water
That day, we saw the sunrise in the dawn sky
You, you smiled and there was warmth around us
We moved slowly as the wind blew softly there
One day

We walked along a lonely seascape
There, we left our footprints far behind us
Sea-birds, they circled - weaving, above us
They, they watched us dreaming there

One day, moved grey to blue
Then back from blue to grey
One day - when I am missing you
Then I'll walk along the beach there
And watch the sea-birds fly - so high
And change the day from grey to blue

Reached out, and touched the cool night air, we felt
The warmth of love around us
One day, we saw the sunrise in the dawn sky
One day, we took a walk beside the river
One day ....

2007-08-18 12:45:12, Richie