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The Renaissance - KINDNESS (AT THE END)

Watching the mist rolling over the sea
Watching the tide as it rolls into me
The ebb and flow just like my life
Contiual ups and downs
It's all part of the cycle
And the cycle must be round

Where's the affection in words when we say
I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm going away
Do the tears in your eyes
Make the future look blind
As you wait in your room
Spinning thoughts you may lose

When I think of all the times we've had
The times we've sat and thought
They were moments deep inside me
For all of my days - every way - every way

Leaving your heart is the hard thing to do
Being so close has clouded my view
Holding you near is a thing of the past
But my memories exist and I hope they will last

When I think of all times I'm sad
The feel of all we've lost
They were moments I remember
For all of my days - every way
For all of my days - every way

2007-08-18 12:45:02, Richie