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The Moffatts - Walking Behind

Here we are,
Tell me I'm the only one that makes you feel alive, again.
There you go,
I see you watching him when you don't think I know, should've let you go.
So who's it gonna be, Is it him or me?

Who do you love? Who do you need?
You're messin up mu mind, wasting all my time.
Who do you love? What do you feel?
Stop playin with my heart, you're tearin me apart.
Am I the one who can make you fly up above?
Is it me who can take you higher than you're dreamin of?
Now who do you love...who do you love.

Turn around,
Do you really think you can play me like a fool, for you.
And then I realize,
When you touch me it's like nothing I have known, could'a let you go.
So who's it gonna be, Is it him or me?

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

2007-08-18 12:40:55, Richie