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The Jesus Lizard - Horse

They got him drunk as hell
They caught him way off balance
He could not walk or stand
So they thought they could take him
They had a plan to trip him
As he stumbled by and kick him
Their tiny brains were bubbling
His filthy mouth was mumbling

Get off my horse

He's in the trunk and still now
Unconscious and he's bleeding
They cut him wide open
Several times they stabbed him
He had burned his brothers
As if they were not of his family
Dug deep enough for covering
The hole where they'd be lowering

Get off my horse

After they sunk his body
And covered up their tracks
They thought of ways or means
To lie about what they had done
They told their pa
The he had gone off into the woods
By himself
The got old ma to worrying
But not about some burying

Get off my horse

2007-08-18 12:38:39, Richie