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The Bridge - Sentimental

remember all the lies you said to me
remember all ´cause I’m sure you cannot live without me
he’ll never be like me

you need me love
doesn’t matter what you say
you need my lips
but do you really need my pain?
can you hear my pain?

you’ve hurt me bad
tough I gave all
that I had
is it really not enough what I own?
has he got some more?

I lived for you
yeah look what I’ve done for you
you still wear the star I carried down for you
all for you
bitch I was there for you

tell me where you are
who’s sleeping in your car
be back for more
back for love
because I love you so
tell me tell me please
where your body sleeps
be back for more
back for love
because I love you so

though you and me
is more than anything
more than lies
you kept telling me
don’t lie to me
I said don’t lie to me

you heartless hoe
what the hell you thing you do
can’t let you live
in arms of happiness
without me ...he’ll never be like me

you broke my heart
ate my heart, messed my love
messed my dreams
and now you’re messing with him
how could you do it to me...

tell me where you gotta go
...tell me where our love has gone

Refren: tell me where you are....

2007-08-27 12:48:33, Sara