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Texty piesní od the-arrogant-worms

» A Man Has Needs
» A Night On Dildo
» A Real Letter From A Real Yahoo
» Big Fat Road Manager
» Car Full Of Pain
» Carrot Juice Is Murder
» Celine Dion
» Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day
» Dangerous
» Dog Food Woman
» Don't Go Into Politics
» Goin' Huntin'
» Great To Be A Nerd
» Having Fun Is Bad For You
» Heimlich Maneuver
» Horizon
» Christmas Blues
» Christmas Hangover
» Christmas In Ignace
» Christmas Is Almost Here
» Christmas Sucks
» Christmas Turkey Blues
» Christmastime
» I Am Cow!!!!
» I Want To Look Like Arnold
» Jesus' Brother Bob
» Johnny Came Home Headless
» Kill The Dog Next Door
» Killer Robots From Venus
» Let There Be Guns
» Let's Go Bowling
» Log In To You
» Lonely Lab Of Broken Hearts
» Losing Hair Under God
» Mounted Animal Nature Trail
» My Voice Is Changing
» No Sale/No Store
» Oh God, I'm Santa Claus
» Proud T o Be A Banker
» Rippy The Gator
» Rocks and Trees
» Sam, The Guy From Quincy
» Santa Got Arrested
» Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass
» Scary Ned
» Sex, Drugs, and RRSP's
» Sponges
» Steel Drivin' Man
» The Ballad Of Dan
» The Canadian Crisis Song
» The Credit Song
» The Fishing Song
» The Gaelic Song
» The Happy Happy Birthday Song
» The Christmas Song
» The Last Saskatchewan Pirate
» The Last Sensitive Cowboy
» The Mountie Song
» The Same Christmas Cake
» Things Are Looking Bad For Santa
» Tokyo Love Song
» Vincent The Christmas Virus
» William Shakespeare's In My Cat
» Winnebago
» Wong's Chinese Buffet