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Pondelok 6. apríl 2020 | Meniny má Irena, zajtra Zoltán › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Tha Alkaholiks - Off The Wall

Uhhh, uh!
It's gonna be that, it's fat
Ah one-two and a
I can't hold it in I gotta let it all out (ya don't stop)
Let it all out, let it all out (ya don't stop)
I can't hold it in I gotta let it all out (do the wop)
Let it all out (hip-hop, what?)
Anything you could do I could do fresher
When I'm on the microphone I rock the shit without no pressure
Cause I snuck my forty ouncer past the bouncer with the stun gun
I gots to get some lyrics off my chest so let me run one
Cause who's bad? Not Michael Jackson when I asked him
I even rock the mic for seven days with Toni Braxtion
It's the Liks, rockin like a six point six
So while I be scoopin bitches you rush the skin flicks
For reals, I gots more skills than an occupation center
I got your girl cookin my dinner
Action, lights and cameras ain't needed
Oh jeezus, the nigga that be gettin rappers heated
I'm J-Ro, and my style is darker than a mole
My rhyme is so hot you got to stop drop and roll
I used to wear Releases, I hate police to pieces
Oh jeezus, my style is sick like pork greases
And now I can't holt it in I gotta let it all out
Let it all out, let it all out (relieve yourself)
And now I can't holt it in I gotta let it all out
Let it all out (relieve yourself)
And now I can't holt it in I gotta let it all out
Let it all out, let it all out (relieve yourself)
And now I can't holt it in I gotta let it all out
Let it all out
I get in em when I sin em, the Alkaholik venom
I fold your clothes with your body still in em
The rhymes I got, hit like Ronnie Lott
The only way you take my spot is with a shot
I grab rappers by the hand and make sure they understand
That they can't sway J-Ro the man
A nigga who stays, in the old school ways
And just like Subways, I can make your days
We got more soul than James Brown and platform Adidas
The Likwit crew, we comin new like a fetus
So run tell your granny, your pops and your girl
Niggaz like me gonna rule the world
So all aboard the J-Ro train to FunkyTown
Express from the West so it's best that I clown
I bust the Guinness styles out on down to Beck's brew
I got more fame than Dana Dane I hold mics like Donahue
Cause I'm committed, admit it, you was Too Legit to Quit it
Dancin with toilets now you can't get busy with it
WIth the vintage Olde Gold gettin dusty in the cellar
I throw my shit deeper than Jeff Hostettler
So yo what you got, cause god DAMN it's hot
It's the rough rhyme announcer up in your night spot
So ease up off my line, and let me rhyme
I lose you like the jewelry that that bitch can't find
Call me E.T., but yo, it don't take a secret psychic
Cause even in the future I'ma freak it when I mic it
I can't hold it in my friend the Liks get the most clout
We be scorin points like Michael Irvin on the post route
Don't bring me to the party, because I just spoil it
I be earlin on your rug I won't make it to the toilet
I can't hold it in I gotta speak my mind
I usually crack a brew when it's time to rhyme
Bust my flows for my homies and I'm proud to admit
I was rockin beats when Kangol's was the shit
AIyyo, I can't hold it in it's like the smoke from the reefer
I called this girl a bitch now she thinks she Queen Latifah
But the roughneck toughneck waits to conversate
Cause all she'll ever be to me is just a bitch from out of state
I can't hold it in I get fly from the get go
My rhymes'll hit you high my man Tash will come and get low
I get so, lifted like three clones of Moses Malone
Standin on the top of Too Tall Jones
I ca

2007-08-18 12:14:23, Richie