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Texty piesní od tanya-tucker

» A Blue Guitar
» A Memory Like I'm Going To Be
» All I Have To Offer You Is Love
» Baby I'm Yours
» Between The Two Of Them
» Bidding America Goodbye
» Blood Red And Goin' Down
» By The Way
» Can't Run From Yourself
» Come In Out Of The World
» Come On Honey
» Complicated
» Cowboy Lovin' Night
» Danger Ahead
» Delta Dawn
» Don't Let My Heart Be The Last To Know
» Down To My Last Teardrop
» Everything That You Want
» Find Out What's Happenin'
» Fire To Fire (Tanya Tucker with Willie Nelson)
» Go Out
» Half The Moon
» Hangin' In
» He Was Just Leaving
» Here's Some Love
» I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again
» I Bet She Knows
» I Don't Believe That's How You Feel
» I Love You Anyway
» I'll Take The Memories
» I'll Take Today
» I've Learned To Live
» If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight
» It Hurts Like Love
» It's A Little Too Late
» Let The Good Times Roll
» Little Things
» Love Me Like You Used To
» Love Thing
» Love Will
» Love's The Answer
» No Man's Land
» Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart
» One Love At A Time
» Rainbow Rider
» Rainy Girl
» Ridin' Out The Heartache
» Ridin' Rainbows
» Right About Now
» San Antonio Stroll
» Silence Is King
» Sneaky Moon
» Some Kind Of Trouble
» Someday Soon
» Soon
» Spring
» Strong Enough To Bend
» Tell Me About It
» The Jamestown Ferry
» The Love You Gave To Me
» The Man That Turned My Mama On
» Time And Distance
» Trail Of Tears
» Two Sparrows In A Hurricane
» Walking Shoes
» We Don't Have To Do This
» What Do I Do With Me
» What Do They Know
» What Your Love Does For Me
» What's Your Mama'A Name
» Wishin' It All Away
» Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
» You Don't Do It
» You Just Watch Me