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Sublime - Mary

Yesterday I saw a whore looking out my door
As she bends my body aches if she'd walk in I would say:
I'm on the mic doin things you like
The name is ras M.G. and I'm a treat you right
Cause all the ladies and me we both agree that I'm going down in world
uh uh elected, my rhymes will be perfected.
the mighty MC's will be disected and rejected
I am the most impressive- aspective and progressive-
motivating inovating, chillin and digested
Its obvious as ever it will be specialized
Your trying to proclaim-uh- cant be compromized
I am a fresh MCee
As you can plainly see
You won't regret a DJ fresh Im sure you'll soon agree
So take a seat n' feel the beat of coarse it is OK Uh UH
Oh she makes my body ache and you know I paid for more
I won't flake or perpetrate, I won't front no funky whore
Don't get me wrong I'm just singing my song
I'm just like you I like to ball my freaks all night long
Not only do I rythme I also cut so nice they call me delight
My name is eric I have nothing to say because I am not a fucking d.j.
And if you want to talk to him you gotta go through toby

2007-08-18 11:53:16, Richie