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Steve Winwood - Dust

Time they call the universal healer but you're back every three days
Settling all around me
A feather duster's no substitute for the real thing
And the dust you left behind is settling still

With you dawn never tasted so good
Swept up like debris on a Saturday night
Did we ever have fun?
The dust, the gentle legacy you left behind
Is falling softly on my mind

Dust, the timeless memory of you, I love you
I do for all the little things you do and I guess I always will
The dust settles again to remind me still
Of memories I've cherished so long
Hold me close to your side 'cause my love won't decay anymore
Memories of hope of those long summer days
And the dust you left behind is settling still

Feeling your body stretched so long, what was it went to wrong, went wrong
That our love, our love it was gone but our friendship going strong

2007-08-18 07:56:07, Richie