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Snitch - Sunrise

Sunrise in the city
Our soldiers are coming home
After 7 years of blablabla

She's waiting by the docks
With a picture in her hands
Of her one and only love
Others are still waiting
While families reunite
With the ones they missed so much
She's still standing alone
Now everyone else has gone home
A soldier walks up to her
with a picture of her in his hand

He said, sorry about your man
No one could have saved him
Sorry to say he isn't coming home

Numbness fills her body, weekening her knees
She wants to run away
Memories come alive, of how it used to be
Before he went away

So many things on her mind,
so many things she wants to know
did he miss me when he was alive
did he suffer or did he just go

he said lady he missed you and
said he'll always love you
sorry to say he isn't coming home
you should be proud he died a man
fighting for his country
sorry to say he isn't coming home

She's still on her own
Tells herself she should have known
That some soldiers fall in war
And don't come home

Now it's time to say goodbye
Trying so hard not to cry
Hoping that some day
Her heart for him will die

2007-08-18 11:36:00, Richie