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Sheryl Crow - Hole In My Pocket

Hole In My Pocket
(Sheryl Crow/Peter Stroud)

You can tell me the world is round and I'll prove to you it's square
You can keep your feet on the ground,
but I'll be walking on air
You're pretty good at waiting
While I go running around
Well, that's just the way it is, you know
I got a hole in my pocket
You give me love and I drop it
I guess I threw it away
We stick together with every day that passes by
But I'm just like the weather, I keep on changing my mind
Well you can hardly believe it
Every time I turn and say, well
Good morning, I'm leaving
And I'll be back in a few days
But that's just the way it is, you know o

I got a hole in my pocket
You give me love and I drop it
I guess I'll throw it away
I got a four leaf clover
I'll throw it over my shoulder
I'm gonna need it someday o

When things don't go right you lead me
Torn up and tied---you free me
When life is strange you take me
Through every change, you never break me
You got a feeling there's a wall that you can never climb
I try to be there where you are, I try to be on time
But I lose my way


2007-08-18 07:26:18, Richie