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Sherman Allan - Pop Hates the Beatles

Plan ahead!
Plan ahead!
That's what the wise man said.
Success is hard to win, but you can win it
If you do a lot of thinking in advance and make the necessary
preparations and don't leave
everything to be crowded into the very last minute.
Plan ahead!
In advance.
Don't leave a thing to chance.
And if you want to wind up rich and famous,
Just be careful and meticulous in everything you do and just make sure
your work is not slip-shod or
sloppy or negligent or else people will go around saying you are an
Insist on absolute perfection,
And do all your things perfectly.
If you strive day and night,
In a long time you might
Be almost as perfect as me.
As I.
For the toughest things in life are never easy.
Where's the next part of the music?
Does an...who's got the next part of the music?
(I got it, I got it.)
Oh, oh thanks.
Plan ahead!
Plan ahead!
Do what the wise man said.
Just remember in a thousand years we'll all be dead,
So plan, plan ahead!
Oh the wise man's dead, but before he died he said,
"Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan...ahead!"

2007-08-18 07:25:55, Richie