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Texty piesní od shawn-colvin

» (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night
» A Matter of Minutes
» All the Pretty Li'l Horses
» All Through the Night
» All Would Envy
» Another Long One
» Another Plane Went Down
» Anywhere You Go
» Bonefields
» Bound to You
» Climb On (A Back That's Strong)
» Close Your Eyes
» Cry Like An Angel
» Diamond In The Rough
» Evening Is a Little Boy
» Every little thing (he) does is magic
» Get Out Of This House
» Heart On Ice
» Hold On To The Good Things
» Christmas Time Is Here
» I Don't Know Why
» I Want It Back
» I'll Say I'm Sorry Now
» I'll Say I'm Sorry Now (From 'Heartbreakers')
» If I Were Brave
» If these walls could speak
» In the Bleak Midwinter
» Kill The Messenger
» Killing the blues
» Knowing What I Know
» Little Road to Bethlehem
» Love Came Down at Christmas
» Monopoly
» Mr. Levon
» Never Saw Blue Like That
» New Thing Now
» Nothin' On Me
» Nothing Like You
» Now the Day Is Over
» Object Of My Affection
» One cool remove
» One Small Year
» Orion In The Sky
» Polariods
» Polaroids
» Ricochet In Time
» Rocking
» Roger Wilco
» Round Of Blues
» Satin sheets
» Seal Lullaby
» Set The Prairie On Fire
» Set The Prarie On Fire
» Shotgun Down The Avalanche
» Silent Night
» Someday
» Someone Like You
» Something to Believe In
» Steady On
» Stranded
» Suicide Alley
» Sunny Came Home
» Tenderness On The Block
» Tennessee
» The Dead of the Night
» The Facts About Jimmy
» The Christ Child's Lullaby
» The Night Will Never Stay
» The Story
» There's a rugged road
» This must be the place
» Trouble
» Tumbling Down The Avalanche
» Twilight
» When You Know
» Whole New You
» Wichita Skyline
» Window to the world
» Windy Nights
» Witchita Skyline
» You And The Mona Lisa
» You're gonna make me lonesome when you go