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Screeching Weasel - Zombies

From: Kevin
Screeching Weasel 7"
"You Broke My Fucking Heart"
The American Dream (Weasel)
Oh say can you see the star spangled banner flying can you see everyone holding
hands and brightly smiling well I see rioting and I see bodies in the streets
in the future of the american dream I can see the american dream
Mary Was an Anarchist (Weasel)
Mary was a girl with a cause she was simply fed up mary moved out to berkeley
and stuck pins her face as a sort of statement against oppression of her sex
mary took a walk in the park with a sign in her hand mary threw a rock at a
cop and man she felt like a man and you know the ugliness became her but now
she's gone she couldn't take it anymore and what's she won she won a husband
who embodies everything she hated and all her friends from years ago are
selling stocks in ibm right on mary finally saw she couldn't change the world
but mary often fondly looks back and pats herself on the back for a convenient
romanticized version of the facts of what she'd done but she didn't change a
goddamn single on of the oppressive pigs who made her what she was and the
empowerment she felt was just a crumb compared to all the butts of jokes
that she'd become and now she's at the kitchen table all alone and she ended
up exactly like her mom
Around On You (Weasel/Vapid)
You think you've got something over some kinda thing over me well there's gonna
come a day when I can leave it all behind if you'd open up your eyes you'd see
that doing all the stupid things that you do means there's gonna come a day
when you're gonna fade away and it's gonna come around on you you'll be
crying slowly dying when the day comes creeping up on you there will be a day
when you won't believe it's true it's gonna come around on you
Goodbye to You (Weasel/Vapid)
Goodbye to you and the stupid things you do goodbye to you goodbye to
everything that you do goodbye to you it's always goodbye to you

2007-08-18 07:42:31, Richie