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Štvrtok 12. december 2019 | Meniny má Otília, zajtra Lucia › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Screeching Weasel - You Broke My

The way things go I don't think so The changes that alter us are a product
of our own volition and we become what we hate It's not hard to figure out
that you're scared when you act so much better You're holding onto
something we can't have but hands still circle you're still getting old and
we become what we hate Do you believe in the lies that shape your world Do
you believe in your own fictitious immortality The world won't end while
you walk the earth and when you realize that your life don't matter You'll
turn to something to help you forget that you're only young once, old

2007-08-18 07:42:30, Richie