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Satyricon - Tied In Bronze Chains

Sinful woman walk with me cause I'm the wolf on your shoulder
But complaint not to me, cause I'm the accuser

If you dare to withhold the immense power and the greed
You shall walk among us to subterranean fields

Why don't you come with me
And dance the snakepit dance
Rhythmic moves to the eerie bells, the boiling blood
Evils breath on your neck, the morbid rites

I'm tied in bronze chains
So where do all the flowers come from
I am tired, should I care anymore?

The rusty claws who reach for me are too far away
Sense no anger for that, be at one

The sleaze on the wall is all gone anyway
It's just flowers, flowers

Come, come let's join the orgy
Decay and wine, sodomy all the way
No rest for the holy
Forbidden fruit is always best
Dirt'n filth tastes so good

I see the cross of Peter overwhelming their coward countenance
Oh you're so damned clean, now take my dirty whore, hellfire is inside her
Contaminate the clean, woman. Let him feel you're venom
It's the only way to release the chains
My candle is burning at both ends, I just want to be released before I go
It's a harsh voyage, to the land of sin

I had to make sure to bring 'em down with me
I am the last of my kind and I'm tied in bronze chains

2007-08-18 07:38:00, Richie