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Santana - Tell Me, Are You Tired

What do you do when you're down and out
Do you sit and sigh and wonder why
If the answer just comes right to you-ou
It's letting you know just what to do
Oh your lady's tired of you running around
And if you don't stop she'll put you down
Says she's got good to gi-i-ive
All of her love and affection here
All you got to do is stop running around

Chorus: Tell me, are you tired
Tell me, are you tired runnin' around
Ooh oo-oo-oo-ooh
Tell me, are you tired
Running arou-ou-ou-ound, mm-mm

Tell me, are you tired
Tell me, are you tired pla-a-ay round town
Tell me, are you tired
Tell me, are you tired gettin' down on the town
Stay at home, stay at home

Lady says she needs your love
It just can't come from up above
She doesn't want to be by herself
Says she wants you and no one else
Knows you bring home the bread
That's half the plan, stay and hold her hand
You being home is surely missed
All she wants is you to hug and kiss
All you got to do is start
Stay at home


2007-08-18 07:09:27, Richie