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Sammy Kaye - I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen

I'm A Big Girl Now
Sammy Kaye (Betty Barclay, vocalist)
Words and music by Al Hoffman, Milton Drake, and Jerry Livingston
-A #1 recording according to Billboard, 1946. (Based on either Most Played on
Juke Boxes or Most Played by Disc Jockeys. Source: Joel Whitburn's book "Pop
Memories, 1890 - 1954)

Me and my childhood sweetheart
Have come to the parting of the ways
He still treats me like he did In our baby days.
I'm a little bit older And a little bit bolder
Since both of us were three.
I'm a little more padded Something new has been added
He oughtta take one good look at me ....
I'm a big girl now
I wanna be daring like a big girl now
When daddy tells those certain jokes it isn't fair
He tells me I'm too young and makes me take the air
But I could tell a couple that would curl his hair
I'm a big girl now.

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be handled like a big girl now
I'm tired of being babied like a kid of three
I'm tired of having chaperones to follow me
I wanna have some secrets in my diary
I'm a big girl now

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be cuddled like a big girl now
I'm through with going to movies with my Uncle Tim
Through with going to picnics with my old Aunt Min
I wanna go to Mexico with ... you know him
I'm a big girl now

I'm a big girl now
I wanna be wanted like a big girl now
I'm tired of staying home each evening after dark
Tired of being dynamite without a spark
I wanna learn what fellows do in Central Park
I'm a big girl now

(Submitted by: Fortybands)

2007-08-18 07:07:50, Richie