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Saga - The Way of the World

You don't look good or be nice too
You gotta watch you say and do
You keep your hands in your pockets -
Close the door, did you lock it -
Yeah, all you sharks out there
You better be careful where you step
Don't say you come to the right things
'Cause I've been here before
If it gets too hot, don't drop it
That's just the way of the world
If you gets those stuff jump on it
That's you know the way of the world
Get to know the way of the world
You see it everywhere these days
Some kind of modern ice age
And if you think that you got it
And I don't know what you think
It starts like it's a new thing
But everytime it starts happening
I know I've been here before
Welcome to the way of the world
Do you follow in the footsteps
Should I follow in the footsteps
Welcome to the way of the world
The way the wind blows
I'm on it I've got to know the way of the world

2007-08-18 07:05:09, Richie