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Roxette - No S

You built it up and tear it down, there's no reason to follow
you. You left the song without a sound, you left the story I
made for you. Softly angels bow and cry in the stillness of
the night.
Never is a long time -goodbye. No answers for the asking. It's
a long time -goodbye. No mercy for the aching. It's a long time
-oh I see no light on the forsaken. Never is a long time
-goodbye. Let's spend the night when this dream has come to an
Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and yes I've cried over
you. You've left me blind in paradise. You've left me hungering
for the touch of you. Snow white angels run and hide in the
blackness of the night.
Never is a long time......

2007-08-18 06:56:59, Richie

Roxette - No S

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2007-08-18 06:57:00, Richie