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Texty piesní od reba-mcentire

» 'Til The Season Comes Round Again
» (I Still Long To Hold You) Now And Then
» (There's Nothing Like The Love) Between a Woman And A Man
» A Cowboy Like You
» A Christmas Letter
» A New Love
» A Poor Man's Roses Or A Rich Man's Gold
» All Dressed Up (With Nowhere To Go)
» All This Time
» Am I The Only One Who Cares
» And Still
» Angel In Your Arms
» Baby's Gone Blues
» Back Before The War
» Before I Met You
» Bobby
» Buying Her Roses
» By The Time I Get To Phoenix
» Can't Even Get The Blues No More
» Can't Stop Now
» Can't Stop Now (different than the version on Reba Live)
» Cathy's Clown
» Climb That Mountain High
» Close To Crazy
» Congratulations
» Daddy
» Do Right By Me
» Does He Love You (Duet With Linda Davis)
» Does He Love You (With Linda Davis)
» Don't Forget Your Way Home
» Don't Say Goodnight, Say Good Morning
» Don't Touch Me There
» Don't You Believe Him
» Ease The Fever
» Empty Arms
» Every Second Someone Breaks A Heart
» Everything But My Heart
» Everything I'll Ever Own
» Everything That You Want
» Everytime You Touch Her
» Face To Face
» Fallin' Out Of Love
» Fancy
» Fancy (Don't Let Me Down)
» Five Hundred Miles Away From Home
» For Herself
» For My Broken Heart
» Forever Love
» Glad I Waited Just For You
» Gonna Love Ya (Till The Cows Come Home)
» Good Friends
» Happy Birthday Jesus
» Have I Got A Deal For You
» He Broke Your Memory Last Night
» He Wants To Get Married
» He's In Dallas
» He's Only Everything
» Heart
» Heart Hush
» Hold On
» How Blue
» How Does It Feel To Be Free
» How Was I To Know
» I Can See Forever In Your Eyes
» I Don't Need Nothin' You Ain't Got
» I Don't Think Love Ought To Be That Way
» I Don't Wanna Be A One Night Stand
» I Don't Want To Be Alone
» I Don't Want To Mention Any Names
» I Heard Her Cryin'
» I Know How He Feels
» I Know I'll Have A Better Day Tomorrow
» I Like It That Way
» I Sacrificed More Than You'll Ever Lose
» I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus
» I Want To Hear It From You
» I Was Glad To Give My Everything To You
» I Wish That I Could Tell You
» I Won't Mention It Again
» I Won't Stand In Line
» I Wouldn't Go That Far
» I Wouldn't Know
» I Wouldn't Wanna Be You
» I'D Rather Ride Around With You
» I'd Say You
» I'll Be
» I'll Believe It When I Feel It
» I'll Give You Something To Miss
» I'm A Woman
» I'm Gettin' Over You
» I'm In Love All Over
» I'm Not That Lonely Yet
» I'm Not Your Girl
» I'm The Fool In Love With The Fool
» I've Never Stopped Dreaming Of You
» I've Seen Better Days
» I've Still Got the Love We Made
» I've Waited All My Life For You
» If I Had My Way
» If I Had Only Known
» If Only
» If You Only Knew
» If You See Him
» If You See Him/If You See Her
» Indelibly Blue
» Invisible
» Invitation To The Blues
» Is It Really Love
» Is There Life Out There
» It Always Rains On Saturday
» It Don't Matter
» It's Another Silent Night
» It's Gotta be Love
» It's Not Over
» It's Your Call
» Jolene
» Just A Little Love
» Just Across the Rio Grande
» Just Looking For Him
» Last Night, Ev'ry Night
» Let The Music Lift You Up
» Lighter Shade Of Blue
» Lights Went Out In Georgia
» Little Girl
» Little Rock
» Lonely Alone
» Long Distance Lover
» Look At The One Who's Been Looking At You
» Lookin' For A New Love Story
» Love By Love
» Love Is Never Easy
» Love Isn't Love (Til You Give It Away)
» Love Will Find It's Way To You
» Lovin You, Lovin Me
» Make Me Feel Like A Woman Wants To Feel
» Mama Tried
» Mary, Did You Know?
» Muddy Mississippi
» My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
» My Mind Is On You
» My Turn
» Myself Without You
» Never Had A Reason To
» New Fool At An Old Game
» Nickel Dreams
» Night Life
» No Such Thing
» Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart
» Not Over (If Im Not Over You)
» Now You Tell Me
» Old Man River
» On My Own
» On This Day
» One Good Reason
» One Honest Heart
» One Child, One Day
» One Last Good Hand
» One Promise Too Late
» One Thin Dime
» One To One
» Only In My Mind
» Only You (And You Alone)
» Out Of The Blue
» Over, Under, And Around
» Pins And Needles
» Please Come To Boston
» Poison Sugar
» Rain Fallin
» Read My Mind
» Reasons
» Red Roses (Won't Work Now)
» Respect
» Right Time Of The Night
» Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands
» Roses
» Rumor Has It
» Runaway Heart
» San Antonio Rose
» Santa Claus Is Coming Back To Town
» Say The Word
» She Came On Like Lightnin'
» She Thinks His Name Was John
» She Wasn't Good Enough For Him
» She's Callin' It Love
» She's Single Again
» She's The One Loving You Now
» Silent Night
» Silly Me
» Silver Eagle
» Small Two Bedroom Starter
» So, So, So Long
» Somebody Should Leave
» Somebody Up There Likes Me
» Someone Else
» Starting Over Again
» State Of Grace
» Still
» Straight From You
» Suddenly There's A Valley
» Sunday Kind of Love
» Sweet Dreams
» Sweet Music Man
» Take It Back
» Take Me Back
» Take Your Love Away
» Talking In Your Sleep
» Tears On My Pillow
» Tell Me What's So Good About Goodbye
» That Makes Two Of Us (With Jacky Ward)
» That's All She Wrote
» That's What He Said
» The Angels Sang
» The Blues Don't Care Who's Got 'Em
» The Fear Of Being Alone
» The Girl Who Has Everything
» The Great Divide
» The Greatest Man I Never Knew
» The Hear Won't Lie (Duet W/ Vince Gill)
» The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
» The Heart Won't Lie
» The Christmas Song
» The Last One To Know
» The Love We Made
» The Night That The Lights Went Out In Georgia
» The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
» The Secret Of Giving
» The Stairs
» There Ain't No Future In This
» There Ain't No Love
» They Asked About You
» This Christmas
» This Is My Prayer For You
» This Picture
» Til I Said It To You
» Till I Said It To You
» Till It Snows In Mexico
» Till Love Comes Again
» Till You Love Me
» To Make That Same Mistake Again
» Today All Over Again
» Up And Flying
» Up On The Housetop
» Waitin' For The Deal To Go Down
» Waiting For The Sun To Shine
» Walk On
» We'll Waltz In Love Tonight
» We're All Alone With Jose And Durval
» We're So Good Together
» What Am I Gonna Do About You
» What Do You Know About Heartache
» What Do You Say?
» What If
» What If It's You
» What You gonna Do About Me
» Whatcha Gonna Do About Me
» Where You End And I Begin
» Where You're Not Trying To
» White Christmas
» Who?
» Whoever's In New England
» Whoever's Watchin'
» Whose Heartache Is This Anyway
» Why Can't He Be You
» Why Do We Want What We Know We Can't Have
» Why Haven't I Heard From You?
» Why Not Tonight
» Will He Ever Go Away
» Wish I Were Only Lonely
» Wish I Were Only Lonley
» Wrong Night
» You Are Always There For Me
» You Can Take The Wings Off Me
» You Keep Me Hangin' On
» You Lie
» You Lift Me Up To Heaven
» You Must Really Love Me
» You Really Better Love Me After This
» You Remember Me
» You're No Good
» You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving
» You're The One I Dream About
» You've Got Me