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Nedeľa 12. júl 2020 | Meniny má Nina, zajtra Margita › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Rankin Family - Turn That Boat Around

When you cross that river
The trees they will bow down
The sky will open up to you
And the lark will sing your song
When you cross that river
The path will follow you
And the winds they will caress your lips
And the fires they'll burn strong
Until then... yeah yeah
The pastures seem greener on the other side
Alexander don't bide your time uneasily
When you cross that river
The rains will be your wine
The brambles your mandolins
The earth to dance upon
When you cross that river
The moon will give you rest
The night will be your blanket
And the sun your morning guest
When you cross that river
Boudicca you will wed
Fuareg you will feast upon
Mirth your wedding bed
When you cross that river
Your fields will plenty reap
Your children like every spring
Will autumn keep

2007-08-18 06:45:40, Richie