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Texty piesní od randy-travis

» 1982
» A Few Ole Country Boys
» A Gift Of Love
» A Heartache In The Works
» A Little Bitty Crack In Her Heart
» A Little Left Of Center
» A Man Ain't Made Of Stone
» A Point Of Light
» All Night Long
» Allergic to the Blues
» Always
» Amazing Grace
» America Will Always Stand
» An Old Pair Of Shoes
» Ants On A Log
» Anything
» Are We In Trouble Now
» Baptism
» Beebobo
» Before You Kill Us All
» Better Class Of Loser
» Birth of the Blues
» Card Carryin' Fool
» Come See About Me
» Day One
» Dear Penis
» Deeper Than The Holler
» Diggin' Up Bones
» Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
» Doctor Jesus
» Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle
» Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
» Drive Another Nail
» Easy To Love You
» Everywhere We Go
» Feet on the Rock
» Forever
» Forever And Ever, Amen
» Forever Together
» Future Mister Me
» Gonna Walk That Line
» Good Intentions
» Happy Trails
» Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart
» Have a Nice Rest of Your Life
» He Walked On Water
» Here in My Heart
» Heroes And Friends
» Highway Junkie
» Honky Tonk Moon
» Honky Tonk Side Of Town
» Horse Called Music
» Hula Hands
» I Am Going
» I Can Almost Hear Her Wings
» I Did My Part
» I Told You So
» I Wish It Would Rain
» I Won't Need You Anymore
» I'd Surrender All
» I'll Be Right Here Loving You
» I'm Gonna Have a Little Talk
» I'm Ready
» I'm Still Here, You're Still Gone
» If I Didn't Have You
» If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
» If You Only Knew
» In A Heart Like Mine
» Is It Sill Over
» Is It Still Over?
» It's Just A Matter of Time
» It's Out of My Hands
» Jerusalem's Cry
» Keep You Lure In The Water
» King Of The Road
» Long On Lonely (Short On Pride)
» Look Heart No Hands
» Messin' With My Mind
» Mining for Coal
» My Greatest Fear
» My Heart Cracked (But It Did Not Break)
» My House
» No Place Like Home
» No Reason To Change
» No Stoppin' Us Now
» Now And Forever
» Oh, What a Time to Be Me
» Old 8 X 10
» On The Other Hand
» Once You've Heard The Truth
» One Word Song
» Only Worse
» Oscar the Angel
» Out Of My Bones
» Paniolo Country
» Point of Light
» Pray For The Fish
» Price To Pay
» Promises
» Raise Him Up
» Reasons I Cheat
» Rise and Shine
» Runaway Train
» Satisfied Mind
» See Myself in You
» Send My Body
» Shallow Water
» Shopping for Dresses
» Singing the Blues
» Smokin' The Hive
» Somewhere In My Broken Heart
» Spirit of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man
» Stranger in My Mirror
» That's Jesus
» That's Where I Draw the Line
» The Blues in Black and White
» The Box
» The Carpenter
» The Family Bible And The Farmer's Almanac
» The Gift
» The Hole
» The Human Race
» The Storms of Life
» The Truth Is Lyin' Next To You
» There'll Always Be a Honky Tonk Somewhere
» Thirteen Mile Goodbye
» This Is Me
» Three Wooden Crosses
» Tonight We're Gonna Tear Down The Walls
» Too Gone, Too Long
» Valley Of Pain
» Walk With Me
» Walk Your Own Road
» We Ain't Out of Love Yet
» We're Strangers Again
» What'll You Do About Me
» When Mama Prayed
» When Your World Was Turning for Me
» Where Can I Surrender
» Which Way Will You Choose?
» Whisper My Name
» Wind in the Wire
» Would I
» Written in Stone
» You and You Alone