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Radon - Haiti

Yes, I'm glad you made it,
'cause I got a lot to say about a little country in the water.
See, they're not so happy on an island in the Caribbean.
The folks, their luck has all run out
and they're drownin' all the opposition.
Travel down this road to the port of Miami,
they're turning them away every day.
And look who's sitting on that city commission,
well they came here not long ago.
And It's the thoughts that cover up a 'weak heart
and that marks a shallow soul.
The front that blocks off the sight of the spectrum of life
tries to polarize the whole...
I guess I'll never know...
If we all came over on a boat,
how can you act like you walked here on the water?

2007-08-18 06:40:35, Richie