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Radio Architecture - Go Where the Rain Goes

This is just a message to
The children of the earth
Sorry to tell you this
But you are not the first
as you make your ripples in this time
Of the great divide
Please make no apologies
As our ideas collide
'Cause this is the day
This is the age
This is the time to wonder why
Feeling the pain
Feeling the strain
Weight of the world
Pulling you down
You want to say
Out of my way
Leave me alone
I'm leaving today
Here in this world
I can never change
Don't even know
Why the hell I came
You are just the legacy
Of everything before
Sorry to tell you this
Wish I could offer more
As you wander down these paths we've made
Which ever one you take
I want you to promise me
You won't make the same mistakes
I hope I'm dreaming
Not gone forever, fade into grey
Please not forever, wasted away
This is just a message to
Anyone who'd care to listen
I don't give a damn
If you're Zen, Jew, Islam or Christian
We have a world to save
And a destiny to find
We must break away these walls we've made
That blind the inner mind

2007-08-18 06:39:53, Richie