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Prince - segue (XII)

Yo, hey, what's happenin' fellas? How U doin' man?
(Ah yeah) (Come on man) (Whad'up, brother?)
Hey, whad'up Tone? Ahh!
Yo, yo, yo, yo man
Won't y'all, why don't y'all cool out on that shit 4 a minute? (Ah man)
Why U trippin' man, what's up? Mmm?
Ah man, U know, I just come back from taking 2 these people, man
At the company, man
They with it, right? (What they talkin' about?)
(What happen?)
Listen, they're always with brothers cussin' each other out
And talkin' shit, man (Ah shit)
But I think we need 2 come with a new message, man
U know what I'm sayin'?
Get back on the instruments
Yo, like a white motherfucker or something like that?
(We can do that)
Yo man, sit your white black ass on down, man (Ha ha ha)
(We can kick some instruments, man)
See, U come with that shit, man
Well let's pick up and get the chops goin', U know what I'm sayin'?
(What's that one?)
(Mike, what's that one groove we was workin' on earlier?)
Man, I got a little somethin', I got a little somethin'
(Gettin' alot of freaks)
Come on Sonny, check it out, check it out, man
Man, we got, we got some stuff
Let's get busy, man (Where's your part?)

2007-08-18 06:28:57, Richie