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Prince - Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave
Rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave

World full of lovers, city full of good times - rave
Don't go undercover, I can get U out of your mind - come on - rave
All you need is a good walk and a brand new position
Then we can spread the real soul, doin' it like a mission (rave) - rave
Oh, rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave
Everybody, rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave

Arrividerci cock poppy, that was hip yesterday - rave
New thing hitting where it feel good, what did U say? - rave
Tell me all: ain't that a bomb? Mack Daddy ain't got no gun - rave
Everybody got a new thing, new fun - scandalous - rave
Ooh, U've got 2 - rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave
Everybody, rave un2 the joy fantastic - rave - ooh yeah oh

Come on, sugar
Take a look inside your mind

Sister got a sizzler on, (know she 2 hot) ooh - know she 2 hot (rave) - rave
Brutha playing an apache scarf
Gaultier - stop (oh-oh)

Ooh, ifhad a dollar 4 every time they smiled
I'd sho nuff jump and holla
Cuz I'd sho nuff be rich a while - rave
Everybody rave

(Rave un2 the joy fantastic) - ooh rave {2x}

2007-08-18 06:29:49, Richie